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05 Oct 2016

Ciao Bella Opening, 7th October, 19:30, Caisului no.19

As designers, we not only work hard, but we also love to brag a little with the results of our implication. Who wouldn’t? One of the greatest things in life is to create an idea from the deepest, darkest corners of your imagination, and then see it brought to life. The dream becomes reality. And […]

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12 Jul 2016

Turbo Café, Str. Frunzișului no.76

We enjoy the challenge of high specificity when it comes to the visual concept and development of our projects. We often take the vision all the way into the realm of those ideas that stem from the clients desires. This interior is one of the best examples that expresses this idea. It was designed to […]

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29 Jun 2016

Rosticceria D’autore, Str. Regele Ferdinand no.1

Well of course there are a lot of pizza places. All over the world. All over Romania. All over Cluj-Napoca. But i have yet to find such complex and complete design in such a simplistically designated space as a pizza place. Easily passing on as a full-blown restaurant, Rosticceria D’autore is one of our favourites, […]

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23 Jun 2016

Traian Residence, Str. Traian no. 19

Downtown Cluj-Napoca is a tremendous resource for anyone visiting or staying here. As well as the whole city, this apartment is a perfect example of balanced style and useful home development. With a clean but crisp design concept, we take advantage of the limited space by skillfully combining the utility of a home with our […]

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